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History of the Agriculture Mechanization Show  |  Booth Prices & Exhibiting Procedures  |  Craft & Toy Show  |  Directions

1) A Brief History of the Agriculture Mechanization Show

In the 1968-1969 school year, the Western Illinois University Agriculture Mechanization Club held a skills contest in which WIU students where invited to participate in. Students would compete against each other in skill areas such as welding, tractor operation and maintenance, implement repair and adjustment, and various other tasks. The contest was a success, but the Club decided they wanted to expand the contest and invite local high schools to compete. They also decided to host an equipment show during the contest. Thus, on April 3, 4, and 5th of 1970 the first WIU Agriculture Mechanization Club “Agriculture Progress Show” was born. Twenty-seven exhibitors filled 37 exhibit spaces both inside and outside of Western Hall. The show started with a ribbon cutting ceremony by John Bernhard, then President of Western Illinois University. Highlights of the show included presentations and guests speakers from companies including Caterpillar, John Deere, International Harvester, University of Illinois, and the WIU Department of Agriculture.

Since the first show the Agriculture Mechanization Show has grown into what it is today. In 1980 floor space in the main level of Western Hall was utilized. In order to have room for more exhibitors, the majority of spaces where reduced from 20ftx20ft to approximately half that size. Over the next four years, space was gradually cleared for use for the show. 1986 brought the use of the south part of the upper concourse. In 1987 the show expanded to host a “domestic” and “arts and crafts” type exhibits in the upper gym of Western Hall. Also, in 1990 the north part of the upper concourse was cleared for our use for the show.

2) Objectives of the Agriculture Mechanization Show

Written by H. Edward Breece
  1. To bring the latest in agricultural technology to the region and state.
  2. To provide opportunities for the introduction of new products by manufacturers. (We had several “first showings” including new model tractors by International Harvester and Ford and a “first showing in the Midwest” of Caterpillar’s introduction into the farm tractor market, the Challenger-65).
  3. To provide students the opportunity to meet, first hand, prospective employers and learn the duties and responsibilities of positions within a company or business.
  4. To provide prospective employers the opportunity to meet future graduates. (Many young men and women have become employed in exciting, challenging, and rewarding careers in agriculture as a result of contacts made at the Show. Frequently, company representatives would interview students before, during, or after the show).
  5. To promote the University and the Department of Agriculture and to aid in the recruiting of high quality high school and community college students.

3) Booth Prices & Exhibiting Procedures

Booth Layout Map Click here to view a larger version of the Booth Layout Map


Lower Level Exhibit Areas (One table and two chairs are provided for each exhibit space)

Booth Prices
Booth Numbers Dimensions # Available 1st Booth 2nd Booth 3rd Booth 4th Booth
1 & 6 & 133-144 12' x 15' 14 $250 $225 $205 $205
2-3, 5, 145-150, 164 15' x 15' 9 $285 $255 $230 $230
4 10' x 15' 1 $230      
7, 24&25, 42&43, 60&61, 78&79, 96&97, 114&115, &132 10' x 10' 14 $220 $200    
8-23, 26-41, 44-59, 62-77, 80-95, 98-113, & 116-131 10' x 10' 112 $180 $165 $155 $155
151-153 & 161-163 20' x 30' 6 $350 $315 $280 $280
155-160 20' x 20' 6 $310 $280 $250 $210

Craft Area & Educational Area, Upper North Concourse ( One table and two chairs are provided for each exhibit space)

Booth Numbers Dimensions # Available Booth Prices
200-233 10' X 10' 34 $35 each

Outside Space ( Limit: 150 linear ft)

When inside space is purchased FREE
When inside space is not purchased $80

Toy Show Area, Upper South Concourse (Tables measure 2.5' x 6', Two chairs are provided for each exhibitor.)

Table Prices $8.00 each

Exhibitors will need to comply with the following regulations relative to placing exhibits in Western Hall

  1. Vehicles with electrical systems must have the ground cable removed.
  2. Vehicles with fuel systems must have the fuel cap taped shut.

The rules for placing exhibits on the basketball court (Booths numbered: 28-39; 46-57; 64-75; 82- 93; 100-111: and 118-129) are as follows:

  1. No wheeled vehicles are allowed in the exhibit spaces on the wooden basketball court (area within the dark rectangle of floor plan).
  2. No piece of equipment weighing over 1 ,000# is permitted to be exhibited on the wooden basketball court.
  3. Equipment/displays must not be set on the expansion joint between the wooden floor and the synthetic floor .
  4. A 3/4. plywood road will be provided when it is necessary to move wheeled equipment over the wooden basketball court or when the forklift and tractor are used to move exhibits into booths adjacent to the basketball floor as well as into the show areas at the west end of the building.
  5. Plywood will need to be placed beneath the pressure points of equipment
  6. Plywood pieces will need to be placed beneath the table legs

The requirements for placing exhibits on the synthetic floor, which includes the entire area outside of the wooden basketball court as well as the east end of the building, are as follows:

  1. Equipment will be moved into exhibit spaces using 3/8" thick plywood roads
  2. Care must be taken to not "torque" the plywood during the move-in process. Turning vehicle drive wheels will need to be done gradually.
  3. Equipment will need to be set on 3/8" plywood. Wheels and pressure points of tractors, combines, and other heavy equipment will need to be placed on 3/4" x 2' x 4' pieces of plywood.
  4. Small plywood pieces will need to be placed beneath the table legs.
  5. A piece of plastic will need to be placed under vehicles with oil reservoirs and fuel tanks as well as displays involving fluids.
  6. Vehicles with fuel tanks must have the fuel cap taped shut.
  7. Vehicles with batteries must have the battery cables removed from the battery
  8. There will be no portable containers containing flammable liquids, such as gas cans, permitted inside Western Hall.
  9. L.P. tanks will not be permitted inside Western Hall.
  10. No Armor-All may be sprayed on tires inside the building.

The overhead door (east end of Western Hall) is 16 feet wide and 13'8" tall. Required plywood and plastic will be provided.

A concession area is provided in the northeast comer of the east arena. No food or drink is allowed in the exhibit areas of Western Hall.

On-line Registration Form (Request for Booth Space)


4) Craft & Toy Show

The Craft and Toy Show are in the upper concourse of Western Hall. Many varieties of toy tractors, cars, trucks, scale models, and crafts will be on display. Vendors from around the Midwest will be present, including:

Crafts Toys Exclusive Outside Vendors

-Snug as a Bug
-Premier Jewelry
-Tastee Treet Sweet Shop
-American Girl Shoppe
-Unique Jewelry Design

-S&S Toys
-Still's Stuff
-Dave's Toys
-Danny Hartley
-Dave Traver
-R&L Toys
-Marty & Marty Toys
-WIU Sportsman's Club
-Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

-Advanced Seed Solutions
-Logsdon Equipment

5) Directions

The Farm Expo is held in Western Hall on University Drive on the campus of Western Illinois University, in Macomb, Illinois.

Western Hall is located on University Drive in the northwest section of Macomb. From US 67, turn west at the stoplight at the intersection with University Drive. Parking is available adjacent to Western Hall.


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